We share knowledge and understanding for implementing and using the Alfabet platform to get insight into the IT portfolio to plan how IT will support the business in the future. 



Alfabet Basic Overview

This training provides a general overview on the ALFABET solution regarding the purpose, methodology and capabilities plus the GUI. Furthermore participants will get an overview on the expansion sets of ALFABET and their general intention and will learn about the usage of the most relevant functions.



Alfabet Course

Course Description


Alfabet Application Portfolio Governance

This course teaches you how to capture applications, describe their characteristics, define their lifecycle phases, group applications for analysis, define assessment and evaluation criteria, and define business supports.  The course also instructs you how to define "planning objects" for applications for roadmapping activities.


Alfabet Technical Portfolio Goverance

This course teaches you how to capture technologies for use by applications and assign lifecycles for their use throughout the application portfolios.


Alfabet eXpand

This course teaches you how to configure the Alfabet metamodel, including defining custom attributes, defining User Profiles, configure the User Experience for each profile.  Additional topics include Workflows, Wizards (Guided Dialogs), and Stereotypes (behaviorial changes).


Alfabet Reporting

This course teaches you how to develop queries using the Alfabet Query Language and SQL.  These queries form the basis of reports, and object visualizations.  This course also teaches you how to develop report filters so that users can enter specific query criteria, and also teaches you how to display custom reports in object cockpits.


Alfabet eXpand and Reporting

Combined offering


Alfabet Application Portfolio Governance + Alfabet Technical Portfolio Governance

Combined offering

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