The Web 2.0 approach enables your teams to work together to create real-time dashboards—or mashups—to integrate data from many sources, inside and outside your company.


Create strategic dashboards—or mashups—in just minutes. Combine data from different internal and external sources for easy, fast analysis. No programming skills are required. The Web 2.0 approach enables your teams to work together to develop and use these real-time dashboards. Make static tables and rigid reports a thing of the past. Create graphical, interactive, easy-to-understand dashboards, transforming business data quickly and easily into business mashups.


Integrate data from all kinds of sources, inside and outside your company in real-time. You can select from a wide range of sources, such as CSV, XML, Excel, ARIS Business Server and webMethods Optimize for Process. The JDBC data source and ActiveDirectory integration also simplify company-wide usage. You can also feed in external data, such as financial data from Bloomberg or Yahoo!, for example, or integrate Google Maps™.


Analyze your data by incorporating filters for in-depth examination of data relationships. Leverage predefined calculation operators to reconcile your data and gain in-depth insights. Analyze time-based trends by filtering analysis periods, such as years, months or weeks. Examine the impact of various factors on specific KPIs by means of what-if analyses. You can incorporate other evaluations at any time to visualize their effect and identify relationships quickly and easily in real-time.


Dashboard capabilities include custom business dashboards, automatic process analysis, business activity monitoring, and industry-leading complex event processing (CEP) technology.

  • Improve Decision-making
  • Increase Profitability
  • Decrease Response Time
  • Improve Transparency
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